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    • Grand Isle Resort & Spa

      Boutique Villa Resort

      Great Exuma, Bahamas

      78 oceanfront 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms villas and penthouses with spa, fitness center, retail, pool, and restaurant.

    • Regent Place

      Luxury Residential High-rise

      Sarasota Bay, FL

      2 oceanfront high-rises featuring 38 luxury condominiums, tennis courts, pool, clubhouse, and separate garages.

    • Club del Sol

      Luxury hotel style condominiums

      Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

      17 gorgeous 1 & 2 bedrooms condominiums, kitchen, spa, pool and waterfall.

    • Hotel Club del Mar

      Where the Rainforest Meets the Beach

      Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

      4 one-bedroom condominiums, 18 two-bedroom condominiums, an eight-room boutique hotel and two penthouse suites, oceanside pool, bar, restaurant, conference room and spa.

    • Sarabande

      Luxury Residential High-rise

      Sarasota Bay, FL

      64 units within a luxury development on the Sarasota Bay, pool, atrium, fitness center with spa, media room, clubhouse.

    • Lighthouse Point

      Luxury Residential Home Community

      Sarasota Bay, FL

      6 ultra-luxury single-family homes within a gated waterfront community.

    Cielo Vista Master Plan
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    Cielo Vista is a mixed use master planned community, consisting of approximately 88 acres located between Herradura and Jaco, Costa Rica on the central pacific coast.

    The Master Plan includes, a medical mall, major flag hotel, commercial retail center, as wells as over 300 single and multi-family residential units.

  • Services


    The Costa Rica Team has extensive Sales and Marketing experience in both investment and end user properties. By using proactive marketing, planning and implementation techniques with a comprehensive sales distribution network we set ourselves apart from the competition. Having true experts help to navigate through this process is essential to the success of any project.

    The Costa Rica Team can help to identify the optimal potential of your project while positioning you before the best demographic audience. The Costa Rica Team will use existing tools and resources to streamline this process and assist you in meeting your goals in a timely fashion.

    Feel free to call for an appointment with our director to explore possibilities for all of your marketing needs.

    Planning & Design

    CRT Consulting identifies practical strategies to plan and develop land while protecting the environment and promoting vibrant, livable communities and productive, sustainable sites. Our projects are based on sound technical review and analysis crafted by our experienced teams of planners, economists, architects, landscape architects, engineers, and scientists.

    1. Environmental analysis and land use suitability
    2. Development strategies
    3. Master planning
    4. Site planning
    5. Infrastructure planning
    6. Alternative plan profit analysis
    7. Code research and compliance
    8. Entitlements procurement
    9. Design Guidelines
    10. Illustrative renderings and graphic design
    11. Computer visualization

    Project Management

    Maximizing value in today's environment The Costa Rica Team requires a re-assessment of each project's positioning, pricing, costs to complete, and costs to carry. The appropriate exit/completion strategy is often a balancing act between the ideal actions and investment required to maximize returns over time, and those which are feasible given financial constraints of the project sponsor or lender. The Costa Rica Team principals overlay time-horizon, capital/liquidity constraints, and return objectives onto specific market factors in crafting recommendations for each situation. What makes The Costa Rica Team unique is the ability, in-house expertise, and resources to implement big picture solutions in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.

    The Costa Rica Team Consulting can be engaged to perform all services under a global arrangement, or may be engaged to perform selected services on a case-by-case basis. The fee structure is a combination of monthly retainer fees for advisory general management and administrative services, near term incentive fees for specific tasks such as business planning and restructuring, financing, or real estate sales, and long term incentive fees for creating value for property and project owners and lenders.

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    Puntarenas, Jaco

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    Local Telephone: (506) 8302 - 1772

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  • About Costa Rica

    About Costa Rica

    about costa rica

    The fact that more than one million tourists visit Costa Rica each year does not happen by chance. Our country, located in Central America, is an isthmus where life seems to have created its roots. Covering only 0.03% of the surface of our planet, Costa Rica has approximately 6% of the world's biodiversity. In addition, Costa Rica is characterized by impressive scenic beauty, a consolidated system of protected areas, social and political stability, high educational levels, and efficient infrastructure and services. All of this offered in a territory of only 51 thousand square kilometers, surrounded by both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea at a distance from each other of only three to four hours by land or 45 minutes by air. The country's strategic position, in the heart of the western hemisphere, the Government's positive attitude towards foreign investment, its infrastructure, access to international markets, and the quality and cost of labor, make Costa Rica an ideal place to establish commercial operations.

    There are many wonderful and unique things about this country...

    • 130 species of freshwater fish
    • 160 species of amphibians
    • 208 species of mammals
    • 220 species of reptiles
    • 850 species of birds
    • 1,000 species of butterflies
    • 1,200 varieties of orchids
    • 9,000 species of plants
    • Canal networks through jungles
    • Cloud forests
    • Coral reefs
    • Deciduous forests
    • Elevations from sea level to 12,529 feet
    • Mangrove swamps
    • Rain forests
    • Tropical dry forests
    • Volcanoes (112 craters)
    • White, black, and pink shell beaches on both coasts
    • Extensive networks of rivers

    Living in CR

    about costa rica

    A land alive with lush rainforests, wild rivers, wondrous waterfalls, majestic mountains, and biological diversity of every kind! There are more species of birds than in all of North America and South America combined! An oasis of unsurpassed beauty with mile after mile of unspoiled beaches and pristine coastline, Costa Rica is one of the world's most desirable destinations!

    Costa Rica offers tourists world-class sport fishing, whitewater rafting, surfing, snorkeling, nature hikes, canopy tours as well as featuring all the world's largest resort hotel chains. Each year more than a million tourists come to Costa Rica to bask in its natural beauty. Beauty actually preserved by the Costa Rican government as one of its most valuable assets. In fact, eco-tourism was pioneered in Costa Rica, where almost a full third of the country's most beautiful forests have been forever set aside as national parks and nature reserves.

    Yes, Costa Rica is indeed alive with more than 5% of the world's biodiversity, though its borders hold only one tenth of one percent of the world's landmass! Nestled between the Atlantic and Pacific, just north of Panama, Costa Rica is the jewel of Central America! With a refreshing climate renowned worldwide as "eternal spring,¨ a stable economy, long-term democratic government and laws favorable to foreign investment, Costa Rica is the place to be…whether you're a tourist, an investor or simply someone seeking a better lifestyle!

    Costa Rica also offers you all the convenience, comfort and security you are accustomed to in North America like familiar restaurants, modern grocery stores with fresh meat and produce, a multitude of clothing and shoe shopping and affordable top-notch health care. Costa Rica also boasts a literacy rate rivaling that of the U.S., excellent living standards and a political climate so stable it is literally considered the Switzerland of Central America, Costa Rica abolished its army almost 60 years ago! In fact the country is so secure; all the world's largest mega corporations have placed their Latin American headquarters in Costa Rica.

    Is it any wonder this picturesque, peace-loving country now boasts more North Americans per capita than any other foreign country? Some of the reasons are obvious:

    • Favorable foreign investment laws
    • Low cost of living
    • Low building costs
    • Very low property taxes
    • Top notch, affordable health care
    • And of course the amazing beauty of the land itself!

    It is for these reasons and more that foreign investment in Costa Rican real estate is booming! With so many North Americans buying second or retirement homes here in the Central Pacific Coast between Puntarenas and Quepos, CNBC recently declared Costa Rica "the hottest real estate market in the world!" Recently the new highway between San Jose and the Pacific Coast has been completed. Reducing the drive time to only 50 minutes.


    about costa rica

    Obtain your legal status
    We have a special in house division dedicated to assisting people to obtain their legal status. Although it sounds to the average person to be a very convoluted process in reality it is a case of your providing the proper documentation, our making the application and then our follow-up, follow-up, and more follow-up. We have been involved with Residencies for the past 20 plus years. We will get your status with very little continued effort on your part predicated upon our receiving the correct documentation from yourself. If you take a moment and review the following 3 typical types of residencies that are available to you.

    Pensionado requires a guaranteed income in the form of US$1,000 per month for the applicant. The applicant's spouse would also be included as a dependant and would not require additional proof of income.

    Rentista has been developed for those individuals who have ample funds but find themselves without a pension. I.E. self employed people typically. Applicants must produce proof from a recognized financial institution, either in Costa Rica our outside of Costa Rica, stating that the applicant is entitled to income from interest in the amount of a minimum of US$2,500 per month for a minimum of 5 years.

    Resident Investor provides a status for the individual who shows that they have invested a minimum of US$200,000 in Costa Rica in an approved or approvable project. At the moment a purchase of a home is considered an investment.

    There are a number of additional requirements such as police status, birth certificate, etc, but we outline the above in order for you to review and chose the status that best fits your situation. We can discuss this in further detail when we have scheduled call(s).


    about costa rica

    High Quality/Low Cost
    Statistics from the World Health Organization's "The World Health Report 1995" place Costa Rica third in life expectancy in the world, sandwiched neatly behind Japan and France and ahead of Great Britain and the United Stated; and with a per capita income about one tenth that of the other four. Certainly, some reasons for this can be found in the Costa Rican less than-frenetic lifestyle and the tropical climate. Costa Rica seems to be a healthy place to live, but if one looks simply at the life issues, so are many other places on the globe. Costa Rica is a healthy place to live because its government continues a long time commitment to affordable access to one of the finest health care systems in the world for each and every citizen. In a United Nations study conducted in the 1980s, Costa Rica's medical system was first in Latin America and ranked near the United Stated and Canada among the 20 best in the world.

    Things are pretty much the same today.
    Costa Rica's lack of standing army and its historical committed to the social and educational welfare of its citizens have provided the foundation for a "highly developed medical system, internationally speaking" asserted plastic surgeon Dr. Arnoldo Fournier. He continued "it's not surgeons who provided his, but the entire history of our country that gives us this advantage."

    Dr. Logino Soto Pacheco, Chief of Surgeon at Hospital Mexico premier cardiac surgeon in Costa Rica and one of the foremost in the world, claims that Costa Rica is unique in its world position in health care. "I have studied every health care system in the Americas, and I can assure you that nowhere else can compare to what Costa Rica offers its citizens," he stated emphatically. Who would doubt the words of the man who assembled the Costa Rica surgical team which performed the first successful heart transplant in Latin America.

    Two well-know private hospitals, Clinica Biblica and Clinica Catolica, where many CCSS doctors practice in the afternoon and evenings, offer first class, ultra-modern services. Affiliated with U.S hospitals, these two private providers cost somewhat higher than the public providers but are still considerably below anything found in the States.

    Most Costa Rican doctors and dentists receive their basic medical training in Costa Rica. From here they travel widely, seeking specialized training from the finest teaching hospitals in the world, often becoming certified in their specialties in the countries where they receive their advanced training. It is not uncommon to find a Costa Rican doctor or dentist speaking several languages, all learned while pursuing advanced degrees in foreign countries. Perhaps it is the CCSS work or the varied travel and study that does it, but the caring expressed by the doctors and dentists throughout the country is noteworthy in its extreme.

    In 1991, two economists from the University of Costa Rica conducted a survey of the visitors to this country. Their findings, documented in the study, indicated that 14.25% of all visitors came for the express purpose of receiving medical care of some type. Over the years, Costa Rica has attracted those in search of uplifting cosmetic surgeon.

    People from around the world arrive daily to partake of healing waters in over 100 thermal and mineral springs located here. Dental work, from fillings to implants, is made routinely on people from every corner of the world. Many people from Latin America plan for their medical needs - from hip replacement to heart valve replacement-to be taken care of by the well-trained and skillful physicians in Costa Rica rather than in their native countries. Clearly then, not only does Costa Rica offer universal health care coverage to its citizens, but that same high quality care is available for people from all over the world.

    With a government-sponsored network of 29 hospitals and more than 250 clinics throughout the country, the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS) has primary responsibility for providing low cost health services to the Costa Rican populace. Though presently somewhat overburdened, this system has worked well for Costa Ricans for the past 60 years. Open not just to Costa Rican residents, the CCSS provides affordable medical service to any foreign resident or visitor. Foreigners living in Costa Rica can join the CCSS by paying a small monthly fee-based on their income-or they buy health insurance from the State monopoly Instituto de Seguro Nacional (INS) valid with over 200 affiliated doctors, hospitals, labs and pharmacies in the private sector. There are many pharmacies carrying a full range of modern medicines and all but narcotic and addictive drugs are available over the counter.

    Costa Rica has long been a selected destination for those in search of the Fountain of Youth. Although The Fountain of Youth has yet to be discovered, the talented plastic and cosmetic surgeons of this country, many schooled and board-certified in the United States and Europe, continue to provide the appearance of such to hundreds of satisfied, younger looking, people.

    Of the "medical tourist" documented in the UCR study previously mentioned, a large percentage came for cosmetic surgery (dental and cardiovascular procedures were a close second). Doctor Carlos A. Centeno, well- known Costa Rican cosmetic surgeon, indicated that the number of medical tourists increases each year. Dr. Roberto Murillo, another established surgeon, related that each of the twenty-five to thirty registered plastic surgeons in Costa Rica averages seven to eight medical tourists daily.

    The full range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is available here in several modern clinics. With the recent addition of contemporary laser technology, the ability of Costa Ricas's plastic and cosmetic surgeons to provide world-class services has been enhanced. Procedures routinely offered by plastic surgeons in Costa Rica include total and partial face lifts or reconstruction; liposuction; liposculpture; electrolysis for the permanent depilation of unwanted hair; removal of acne scars and other skin irregularities; and many other procedures to counteract aging, or enhance beauty. What nature has wrought, Costa Rican plastic surgeons are improving.

    They can improve nature's handiwork at a more affordable cost than in many other countries. For example, facial cosmetic surgery (face lift), according to Dr. Centeno the most commonly performed procedure here, can cost from $6,000 to $12,000 in the United States. Comparable surgery in Costa Rica will cost between $3,000 and $4,000 including clinic stay, medicine, nursing care and the surgery. Most minor procedures are done on an ambulatory-care basis requiring no hospitalization. Major procedures, such as some breast surgeries and "tummy tucks" can require overnight hospitalizations with the cost of the room included in the "package."

    "Prices are sometimes 50% lower than in the United States" stated a staff person at Clinica de Cirugia Estetica, S.A, "but each case is different and prices are quoted on an individual basis after consultation with the surgeon." Even though each case is different, Dr. Murillo suggest that many surgeries are 60% to 70% less expensive here than in the United States.

    Non-elective reconstructive surgery required as a result of an accident or illness is also performed and just as skillfully. Should this type of surgery be necessary, it is advisable that a patient check with his or her private physician and insurance carrier at home for coordination and financing.

    From simple fillings to complicated multiple implants and periodontal work, Costa Rican dentists are as qualified and skilled as any to be found. The orthodontists have their own university programs here and the periodontists hone their skills at various teaching universities around the world.

    Foreign patients seeking periodontal work and dental implants arrive in Costa Rica in greater numbers monthly. There is a group of about 20 dental specialists-periodontists, oral surgeon, root canal specialists, prosthedontists and orthodontists-working together to provide high quality, specialized dental care to Ticos and foreigners alike. Cost per implant is between $750 and $850. Laboratory work here is much cheaper, but the materials used are all FDA-approved and imported from the States.

    Flora & Fauna

    about costa rica

    Costa Rica is one of the biologically wealthiest nations in the world. The country's varied natural environments include lowland rainforest, coral reefs, sultry swamps and exuberant cloud forest. Each one of them is home to a wealth of animal life.

    This treasure trove of tropical flora and fauna is exemplified by the more than 9,000 different kinds of flowering plants, including 1,200 orchids. Approximately 850 species of birds have been identified here, which are more than are found in the United Stated and Canada combined. This country is also home to 205 species of mammals, 376 species of reptiles and amphibians and about 10 percent of the world's butterfly species. Although Costa Rica covers only .03% of the planet's surface, approximately 6% of plant and animal species can be found here.

    Corporation & Cost

    about costa rica

    Costa Rica law recognizes the following forms of business organization:

    1. Corporations (Sociedad Anonima or S.A)
    2. Limited Liability Companies (Sociedad de responsabilidad Limitada)
    3. Limited Partnerships (Sociedad en Comandita Simple)
    4. General Partnerships ( Sociedad en Nombre Colectivo)

    In Costa Rica, corporations are the most common entity given their structural flexibility. Since local laws define a corporation as a bilateral agreement, they must be formed by at least two parties. However, immediately after its incorporation, a single party may legally own 100% of the shares of stock, without altering the legal status of the original corporation. Founding parties (and any shareholders thereafter) may be individuals and/or any type of registered legal entity, regardless of citizenship and domicile.

    Incorporation Procedure
    In order to incorporate a legal entity, it is necessary to follow the steps described below:

    • Draft and execute a deed of incorporation before a Notary Public.
    • Publish a notice of the incorporation in the Official Gazette and record the incorporation deed before the Public Registry.
    • Once Incorporated, the corporation must request the approval of the legal and accounting books before the Tax Authorities.
    • After the books are authorized, the shareholders registry book must be updated accordingly and the share, or shares, certificates must be issued and executed.

    Articles of Incorporation
    By law, the entity must have the following corporate characteristics:

    Company Name This may be in English provided it is accompanied by the corresponding Spanish translation and consist of a word or a number of words with or without a meaning as long as it is not deemed generic and provided it has not been previously registered.

    In any event, the company name must be followed by the words "Sociedad Anonima" or S.A. (equivalent to "Incorporated" or "Inc.") with the purpose of identifying the nature of the business entity. Shelf corporations already have a company name assigned to them.

    Legal Domicile Since incorporation takes place according to local laws, the company or corporation is legally Costa Rican-based and thus domiciled thereat. Notwithstanding this concept, Agencies and Branches may be created to carry out activities in or out of the country. Corporations are allowed to carry out businesses all over the world.

    Legal Term Indefinite terms are not allowed by law. Therefore a fixed term must be determined at will. This term may be shortened or extended also at will and convenience and generally ranges between 50 to 100 years. All of the corporations which we set up have a term of 99 years.

    Corporate Purpose As opposed to other jurisdictions where comprehensive, meticulous and lengthy descriptions of the corporate purpose are required, the business purpose and local activities are broadly implied in the law. Thus, simple and general provisions thereto are sufficient, although detailed descriptions are also allowed.

    Share Capital This consists of the amount of money for which the company will be capitalized. The Share Capital (necessarily a fixed amount) is divided into common par values shares each entitled to one vote. These shares must be registered (nominative) since local regulations do not allow bearer or non-par value shares. However, shares may be endorsed openly and therefore perform, for all practical purposes, as bearer shares. There is no minimum Share Capital requirement. Shares are freely transferable unless provided otherwise in the Articles of Incorporation (i.e., Right or First Refusal and other lawful restrictions). Shares may be issued as single units or as stock certificates thereof. NOTE: The Share Capital of our corporation is 10,000 Colones, divided into 10 shares of 1,000 Colones each but this can be changed upon your request. The Share Capital is an integral part of the corporation and represents a symbolic value of corporation yet has no direct relation to the real value of the assets (I.e., land, buildings, vehicles, etc.)

    Board of Directors. Every corporation must have a Board of Directors comprised of a minimum of three individuals to hold the positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer, which must be eighteen years old or older. Additional Board members may be appointed at will. It is not required that Board members be simultaneously shareholders.

    Officer Authority As the (statutory) legal representative of the corporation it is mandatory for the president to hold full power of attorney. However, if deemed suitable another Director or Directors, managers and outside individuals may hold power of attorney of any kind to act individually or jointly on behalf of the company. This power of attorney may be limited or restricted (including those held by the President) by several means to meet the company's internal controls.

    Statutory Examiner Corporations may appoint one or more Statutory Examiners (individuals and/or companies, mainly auditing forms). The main responsibilities of this officer are to watch over and ensure that all corporate rules, statutory obligations and procedures are duly and adequately met as a protection of the interest of shareholders and other related parties.

    Registered Agent Corporations which legal representative is not domiciled in Costa Rica must appoint a Registered Agent, whose sole (passive) legal duty is to be served with administrative and court actions on behalf of the corporation. Appointment thereto must fall upon a local practicing lawyer with registered business offices within the country.

    Legal Books and Records Corporations must open Legal Books (journal, general ledger, financial statements, shareholders' registry and minute books for shareholders' and board meetings); such books must be bound and stamped by local Tax Authorities.

    A limited liability company is composed of partners whose liability is limited to their capital contributions. The limited liability company's legal structure may be equivalent to the United States concept of "Partnership" and thus, may qualify as such for US tax purposes. Its incorporation procedures and cost are very similar to those of corporations and the more significant differences when compared to a corporation, are the following:

    • Share Capital: Limited liability companies divided their share capital into what local regulations called "quotas" as opposed to shares. Unless specifically provided otherwise in the articles of incorporation, transfer of "quotes" requires unanimous consent of all partners.

    • Management: They are run by one or more managers or assistant managers who hold power of attorney as provided for in the articles of incorporation.

    In regards to Limited Partnership and General Partnerships, these are seldom used in Costa Rica, mainly because of the direct personal liability and exposure to which its partners are legally subject to. Its incorporation procedures are basically the same as for corporations. The selection of the most appropriate business form usually relies on:

    1. The advantage of the shareholders in regards to the selected business form
    2. Tax considerations regarding its shareholders and specifics of the pursued business venture
  • About Us

    Our Team Members

    Charles Boyd

    Charles Boyd

    CEO, Sales and Marketing Director The Costa Rica Team

    "Costa Rica Charlie", to those who know him in Costa Rica, Charles Boyd is the CEO and Director of Sales and Marketing for The Costa Rica Team, representing Cielo Vista and other Costa Rica projects.

    Mr. Boyd first visited Costa Rica over 20 years ago, making it his home more than 12 years ago. Charles began his Costa Rican career as a liaison, establishing corporate structures, trusts and banking solutions for those looking to do business in Costa Rica. As his client base grew, using outside law firms and their schedules became cumbersome; therefore, he started his own law firm to expedite the process for his clients and to ensure a higher level of quality and care.

    Soon, Charles' clients encouraged him to get involved in land development on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica during the land boom. Charles bought his first parcel, with the help of investors; and successfully sold out all 40 lots in six months. He eventually worked his way into selling out a 1500 acre development with 300 lots and home sites in only 18 months. Many land owners approached him and asked for help with their projects and established him as COSTA RICA CHARLIE!!

    Javier Rojas

    Javier Rojas

    Land Planning and Design Team The Costa Rica Team

    Mr. Rojas is a very well traveled and studied architect that pulls his influence from many modern projects around the world keeping a very sensible and fresh conceptual outlook.

    While acquiring his Masters in real estate finance at Harvard University, Mr. Rojas continued to travel abroad and work with renowned firms and individuals.

    Practicing since 1995, Rojas Arquitectos & Asociadados S.A. is the most sought after expert in Costa Rica. Rojas Arquitectos’ design and development portfolio spans a variety of projects from residences, condominiums, commercial buildings and hotels. His portfolio boasts projects of high magnitude that give the country important urban planning functionality including the Juan Santamaria Airport, the largest international airport in Costa Rica. As well as a couple of Costa Rica’s finest upscale plazas in the Escazu area of the Capital City.

    David G. Johnson

    David G. Johnson

    VP-Strategic Marketing The Costa Rica Team

    David G. Johnson is a marketing strategist for the 21st Century. A strategic marketing consultant that helps projects to establish and increase market presence, grow revenue, and increase profitability.

    David founded Epiphany Marketing, LLC, in 1998 and as a dynamic public speaker and strategist he optimized many international and domestic companies including Ziglar Inc. and later became a key factor in the success of The Costa Rica Team's marketing projects.

    He has trained thousands of small business owners and sales professionals on how to find and attract customers in a changing marketplace dominated by Google, Facebook and other 21st-Century phenomena. Using this experience David now brings investors and end users to our client's projects.

    The Costa Rica Team specializes in creating premiere eco-minded developments that accentuate the natural beauty of Costa Rica, while offering unprecedented value to its clients. By working with the nations best architects and land owners CRT works diligently to create developments that are not only driven by sales, but also by a vision.

    Our strong and diversified team located throughout the country will assist clients in establishing secure and protected investment properties, and also help bridge project owners to end users and investors.

    CRT offers services such as marketing of residential and commercial projects, marketing positioning, due diligence, conceptual land planning, and project management. Even options to retirees looking for retirement or second homes are available due to our extensive connections in this arena.

    CRT is a Costa Rican land development company with more than three decades of experience and has land holdings ranging from home sites with ocean and mountain views, to large commercial parcels ideal for hotel or condominium development.

    CRT is comprised of both Costa Rican Nationals and North Americans that live and work full time here in this country. This ensures that while going through the process of purchasing property in Costa Rica that you will be dealing with professionals that have firsthand knowledge of this market and a personal interest in maintaining the integrity of this beautiful environment.

    The staff at CRT has established long term relationships within the community and contributes significantly to the growth of various charities.

    Our extensive services are designed to meet our clients specific needs. Our objective is always to protect, secure and maximize our clients holdings. CRT has established careful internal procedures and staff training to ascertain that the highest level of value and quality is always maintained. We emphasize individual service and unparalleled professionalism.

    OUR GOAL is to make your Costa Rican experience as user friendly and pleasant as possible.

    OUR VISION is to create eco-minded communities that protect their environment while taking advantage of everything this amazing country has to offer.

    OUR DREAM is to accent this diverse land that is full of life and purity.


The Costa Rica Team © 2013